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Cathodic protection survey on platform

Cathodic protection survey on unmanned gas platform, Adriatic Sea. The status of a particular subsea jacket is -1020 mV vs. Ag/AgCl SW on average.

M-TECH 2021 – Šibenik-Croatia

This year’s M-TECH (International Conference on Materials) was held in the city of Šibenik, Croatia from 6th to 9th of October.

The conference covered topics related to corrosion, heat treatment, material testing and tribology. Papers related to given topics were presented scientists, engineers, industry experts and students.

PA-EL had the honour to present two professional papers; "Cathodic protection of pile caps on Peljesac bridge-preliminary results" and "Overview and improvements after diagnostics of cathodic protection system over a group of gas platforms". Both papers were presented to the audience by our colleague Tea Antolović.

CPDL-1 data logger technology overview

PA-EL’s CPDL-1 data logger provides simple and reliable way to store measured data on the state of cathodic protection of metal structures. In use, the CPDL-1 data logger behaves like a “black box” on cathodically protected structures and stores cathodic protection data within its memory until it is recalibrated.

Storage of cathodic protection measurement data on the CPDL-1 is performed in the defined time intervals during which the measurement data from the reference electrode is written to the data logger’s memory. The frequency of data logging on the CPDL-1 can be set in the range of 5 seconds up to a week per record, while the built-in non-rechargeable battery inside the data logger allows device autonomy of at least one year at a recording rate of 1 log/hour.

The collected data from CPDL-1 can be transferred to the computer using the software tool CPDL-1 user, for which it is necessary to connect the data logger to the computer with a USB cable type “USB-A <-> USB mini”. After downloading, data / measurements taken from the data logger are stored in .csv format and after transferring to a computer, it can easily be opened via standard spreadsheet applications such as MS Excel, Libre / Open Office Calc and similar programs, where the data can additionally be processed as required.

Mapping of corrosion and protective potential of steel reinforcement on Pelješac bridge

LNG Croatia

PA-EL is participating in the construction of the LNG terminal on the island of Krk, which is known as the most important energy project that was realized in Croatia in last twenty years. Start of operational activities on LNG terminal are planned for the beginning of January 2021, which will bring a numerous and significant new opportunities for development of Croatian gas market and economy as well. During the construction of the LNG terminal, PA-EL was given the task of creating a complete impressed current cathodic protection system, which is at the moment approaching the final stage. System that has been pre-commissioned successfully yesterday is composed of:

  • cathodic protection for immersed piles  
  • cathodic protection for transport gas main
  • internal cathodic protection for fire water tank
  • cathodic protection for fire water tank bottom

We in PA-EL are exceptionally proud to be a part of this significant project for Croatia.

Pelješac Bridge - Pile caps construction phase is finished

The last anode-to-rebar spacer is attached! It’s been a 14 months journey of installing cathodic protection equipment inside the pile caps formworks of the future Pelješac bridge. More than 83000 spacers, 25 kilometers of MMO Ribbon anode and 1.7 kilometers of Ti conductor bar along 10 pile caps and no single shortcut! Great achievement done thanks to the technicians on site, Foreman and the rest of the project and design team!