PA‐EL is able to provide you with most of the equipment that you need in cathodic protection systems. At one place you can order transformer/rectifier units (manual and automatic control), FeSiCr, Mg, Zn anodes, MMO tubular and wire anodes, reference electrodes, polarization cells, cables, metallurgical coke, polyester/steel cabinets and test posts, software and SCADA systems for cathodic protection and also for odorization stations.

All equipment is certified at authorized laboratories and is in compliance with European standards and Croatian regulations.

After sales policy document

  • Transformer rectifier unit for cathodic protection (air/oil cooled)
  • FeSi anode
  • Magnisium anode
  • MMO anode (tubular, wire…)
  • Solid-state polarization cell
  • Spark gaps
  • Junction boxes
  • Test posts
  • Permanent reference electrodes
  • Portable reference electrodes
  • DC/AC coupons
  • Data loggers
  • Metallurgical/petroleum coke
  • Cables, splicing kits, gasket kits, plastic tubes…

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