Electrical Installations

Everyday use of electricity plays one of the most important roles in the life of an individual, economy and other branches of modern society.

Having that in mind, PA-EL keeps the pace with the developments of electroenergetics and electrotechnics, primarily opting for low voltage and weak current installations.

Team of experts and work organization provide our clients with a wide range of possible cooperation on designing, constructing and maintaining electrical installations and equipment.

Developing electrical designs; conceptual designs, major projects and as-built drawings
Manufacturing, adaptation, testing and installing control and distribution cabinets
Deploying electrical installations and mounting of low voltage and weak or strong current equipment
Validation and Maintaining electrical installations and equipment

All that on:
  • family houses and buildings
  • family and commercial properties and facilities
  • business premises and facilities
  • manufacturing, transport, warehouse and distribution
  • crude oil, gas and water facilities