About us

PA‐EL is a leading company in Croatia and region in the field of Cathodic Protection design, equipment manufacture, installation and maintenance of cathodic protection systems for:

  • buried steel pipelines
  • buried steel storage tanks
  • reinforced concrete structures
  • offshore structures and ships
  • other specific metal structures

PA‐EL is in private ownership and was founded by Mr. Stjepan Pavliša in 1993.

Commercial sector, general manager's office and accounting sector are located at Dubrovčan 33b, Veliko Trgovišće. The company has a business building with a hall for production and service, designing sector, department for ATEX installation, warehouse, quality control sector and corrosion laboratory at the location Ksavera Šandora Đalskoga 55a, Veliko Trgovišće.

  • ISO 9001 (quality management system)
  • ISO 14001 (environment management system)
  • ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety management system)
  • ISO 29001 (sector-specific quality management systems)
  • ATEX zone certificate (for installation, maintenance and diagnostics)
  • NACE CP3 certificate (cathodic protection technologist)

The company PA-EL was founded 1993.

Red color in our logo symbolizes energy, while the green symbolizes ecology.

The core activity of our company is protection against corrosion of buried and immersed steel structures by means of cathodic protection system, which is directly in function of environmental protection by preventing the damaging impact of infrastructure on the environment but also preventing negative influence of environment on that same infrastructure. This ensures sustainable development in the long run.

The key guidelines of PA-EL in business activities are:

  • BUYERS - We provide our customers with a product and service tailored to their requirements (custom made). The satisfaction of our customers is manifested through constant direct communication and renewal of business relations.
  • EMPLOYEES – We have established human resource management in way to ensure that education programs are in line with new achievements in which we combine general technical and operational knowledge in all divisions and departments. Our employees are familiar with our policy, and work in accordance with this policy.
  • PRODUCTS AND SERVICES - Our products and services are the result of experience, professional work of our employees and constant use of new technologies and components. We have a transparent system of quality, safety and reliability of our products and services.
  • IMPARTIALITY - Inspection department is organized in a way that preserves its independence from other activities of the company. Management guarantees that the staff of the Inspection department will not perform activities that lead to a conflict of interest, and will not be exposed to any business, financial and other pressures that may adversely affect the impartiality of their work.
  • SUPPLIERS - Our suppliers have proved the quality of their products and have ensured on time deliveries. We take constant care that our key vendors comply with the requirements of our integrated quality management system.
  • OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY – Risk reduction measures are implemented on a daily basis through the elimination of hazards with participation of employees in order to prevent injuries and preserve physical and mental health of every person individually.
  • ENVIRONMENT – Our products and services have an external and internal contribution to environmental protection. External contributions are effects that reduce the risk of direct and indirect emissions of harmful substances into the environment, and our internal contribution is manifested through the sustainable use of resources and efficient waste management.
  • LEGAL AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS - We monitor and harmonize the processes of work and services with legal regulation. As a verification of alignment of our work with complex market demands, and with the legal and technical regulations of Croatia, EU and beyond, we have aligned our business with the requirements of standards ISO 29001:2020, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 17025:2017.
  • PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUALS - We monitor and harmonize our work in accordance with the General data regulation protection and focus our activities with a special reference to the protection of personal data on the principle of confidentiality and necessity.
  • QUALITY - Sustainability of our products and services on the market is a direct reflection of the implementation and quality control of our production and service. We constantly contemplate, review and implement improvements in our products, services, processes and business management systems.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – PA-EL is a socially responsible company that fulfills all obligations to the community and workers. Our management ensures transparent business operations and through donations supports projects related to kids, teenagers, persons with special needs but also scientific and innovative projects.